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Freeviewer development team believes in modernization. Our main objective is to provide a free suitable program to access different types of files with extensions like .mbox, .bkf, .ost, .pst, .olm and .edb. All the free viewers we offer are easy to use and require no further technical skills to operate.


The company, with its Freeviewer solution, plans to provide long term productive service to recover data from all known file formats.

Milestones & Achievements

Freeviewer is a well-known brand of software solutions with expertise in the field of data recovery and conversion. Coming up with an innovative Freeviewer based solution was a big step for the organization; It also proved successful. Some major achievements of the company include connecting with the clients of well-known brands in the market. Also, the growth of Freeviewer has enabled it to establish global technology partnerships with renowned market players.

Its later list of milestone achievements includes app exhibitions from some of the major events documented in recent years.


Our entire software's primarily used to read emails from various file types, also supports data recovery in case of corruption. These solutions are very useful for both business and individual users as everyone knows the importance of data in an organization.

About Us
About Our Company